Monday, October 10, 2011

Shape-a-Day: Day 8

Today’s shape is one I’m particularly excited about – the spiral flowers! These beautiful flowers add a big pop to today’s layout. With just a little twirling and a dab of liquid glass, you can add these gorgeous paper blossoms to your projects, too!

Shape Instructions: You can cut these flowers in a variety of sizes; For the sorbet flowers, push the “Font” feature key, shift, and then the second key from the right on the bottom row. For the crème brulee flowers, push “Font” feature and the third key from the right on the bottom row. The flowers cut on the tulip cardstock can be cut using the same key by pushing the “Font” feature key and shift. To see what other flowers you can make, look at pages 68-70 in the Cricut booklet.

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